Don’t Let This Happen to You!!

Don’t Let This Happen to You!!

We get many calls from distraught people who have either arrived on island, or are getting near their arrival date, only to discover they have no place to stay.  Many times people like the idea of booking a specific unit with a private owner, or a non-professional management company…they see the pictures of the unit online, they fall in love with the unit, and decide that they must stay in that particular unit…even if the cost is higher.  Sometimes it works out, but you don’t want to be in the group of people that it doesn’t work out for!

Many things can happen when you book with private owner.  Sometimes it’s a complete scam and there was never a rental to begin with…and you’ve already paid for something that isn’t even available.  In one such incident, a couple arrived at the condo that they had prepaid for and were told they had no reservation, it was a scam.  They were left scrambling for a place to stay, and it didn’t get their long anticipated dream vacation off to a very good start!

Here are a few of the risks that come along with booking a private owner or non-professional management company:

  • The owner double books their unit by mistake
  • The owner decides they want that week
  • A family member wants your week
  • The condo gets sold
  • Something breaks right before you arrive
  • Something breaks while you are there and you are trying to track down the owner off island to get it resolved
  • When you arrive the condo is nothing like you had imagined…pictures can make just about anything look good 🙂

With private rentals you also don’t get many of the perks that come with most professionally managed units, like front desk check-in, maid service, quality control, onsite maintenance/management, etc.  There is always someone there to help you if an issue should arise, including moving you to a different unit or property if need be.  With private owner, or non-professional managed units, you are on your own… if you have any trouble with the unit there won’t be anyone to help you resolve issues, relocate you, etc.  They have zero accountability.

However, no need to stress!  When you book with us you’ll know that you’ll have a place to stay when you arrive.  You book a room category, advise us of any special requests, and your room will be assigned at check-in.  You’ll check in at the front desk, and if you have any problems, we’ll be here to assist you in solving them.  We’re a full service agency from the beginning to the end of your trip…and you don’t pay anything extra for this service, it’s FREE!!  Remember, you’re not buying the condo…so don’t be lured by pretty pictures that may or may not be accurate!  Book with us and we’ll ensure your vacation gets off to a good start…you deserve it!! 🙂

Condos vs. Hotels – Which should I book??

Condos vs. Hotels – Which should I book??

Deciding whether to book a condo or a hotel for your Hawaiian vacation will depend on your personal preferences.  There are many differences you may want to take into consideration when planning your trip.  In many instances, both will have additional resort fees and parking fees, so make sure you look things over carefully before making a reservation.  The following are some of the pros and cons of each.


  • Condos are typically less expensive
  • Condos have a lot of the conveniences of home…including small appliances, dishes, silverware, cups, etc.
  • Condos have kitchens so you don’t have to eat all your meals out…unless you want to of course!  You can also keep drinks, food, and snacks on hand.
  • Condos are larger…more room for you and/or your family
  • Many condos have a washer and dryer in each individual unit
  • Condos are typically less flashy, meaning the grounds and pool area are more basic
  • Condos generally do not have room service


  • Hotels are typically more expensive
  • Hotel rooms generally just have the bedroom / bathrooms areas
  • Hotel rooms are smaller
  • Hotels are typically more flashy, meaning the grounds and pool area(s) are more lush, tropical, and have pool side services
  • Hotels include many amenities, such as housekeeping, gym, restaurants/bars, and spa
  • Hotels have room service

Both options are good, so give us a call and we will help you plan which option is best for you.

Don’t End up in a Room You Don’t Want

Don’t End up in a Room You Don’t Want

When booking a hotel or condo reservation in Hawaii, make sure you understand the category of room you are booking.  Misconception of what type of view/room is one of the biggest problems when booking online.  No matter where you are from, Hawaii is a long way to travel to find out when you get there that you booked something you don’t want. The online agency is always going to display the cheapest, least desirable room…and it’s not the cheapest because they want to give you a good deal. It may be the cheapest because it has a view into the alley, doesn’t have a balcony (or lanai as we say in Hawaii), or possibly even has no windows – like the inside cabin of a ship.  Using our knowledge and expertise in the Hawaiian Islands, Blue Hawaii Vacations will help you avoid these mishaps when planning your trip.  We’ve listed a guide below to help you with the different room views and types of rooms in Hawaii…


Standard Room:  No promise of any special view or location, the least desirable views and rooms; also called moderate rooms.  Most likely an alley or parking lot view.

Garden View Room:  Should be a better location, views of property without seeing the ocean.

Mountain View Room:
 Typically views of Mountains in the distance.

Partial Ocean View Room:  Major obstructions between room and water; however, you should be able to see some ocean view from the lanai (balcony).

Ocean View Room:  Should have good ocean views from the lanai.  These units are usually located on the side of the resort and your ocean view will depend on which side of the resort your room is located.  Also, many resorts that are not located oceanfront and are located across the street may be quite a distance away and will call their rooms ocean view, even at a distance.

Oceanfront Rooms:  Should have great ocean views, and they should face directly oceanfront with a minimum of obstructions.  You should  have an ocean view even inside of the unit.


Room:  This is a typical hotel room.

Suite:  Larger room and may have a separate sitting area and bedroom.

Studio:  Like an efficiency apartment, everything is in one room and most have a small kitchen.

1 Bedroom:  Generally most have a separate bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living room.

2 Bedroom:  Generally most have a 2 separate bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, and living room.  Waikiki is an exception, many of the 2 bedrooms only have 1 bathroom.


Oceanfront Resort:  These resorts are located on the ocean, but not necessarily on a beach.

Beachfront Resort:  These resorts are located directly on a beach.  You should always ask if their beach is swimmable – many beautiful beaches in Hawaii are not.  Always check with the front desk or someone local.  Please be safe.

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